China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd.

China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “CAIGA”) has RMB 10 billion registered capital. Up to December 31, CAIGA has over RMB 53.078 billion total assets and RMB 16.803 billion net assets.

As a large aviation industry corporation which is taking the path of specialization and the whole industry chain development, CAIGA established a complete system of general aircraft research and manufacturing. It consists of a high professional and technical level of scientific research and production team. The system has produced products such as the cirrus SR20 / SR22 series aircraft, the A2C, the eagle 500, 5B transport aircraft , aerostats and so on. It is developing dragon-600 large amphibious forest firefighting/comprehensive rescue aircraft, pilot-150 single light turboprop corporate aircraft, seagull-300 light amphibious aircraft and Y15-2000 multi-purpose aircraft models, etc.


CAIGA is committed to be a ‘domestic leading, world-class’ general aviation solutions provider. And it wants to become an internationally competitive general aviation company which is commensurate to the nation’s international status, consistent with the group development strategy, matching the demands of market and customer, adapted to the expectations of shareholders and employees.

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