China General Nuclear Power Group

China General Nuclear Power Group (Hereinafter referred to as “CGN”) is oversize clean energy company, which is supervised by the SASAC. CGN was founded in September 1994, with registered capital of RMB 10.2 billion. Up to December 31, 2012, CGN has the total assets of RMB 263.014 billion and net assets of RMB 73.497 billion.

CGN has been making unrelenting efforts to fulfill its mission of “developing clean energy to benefit mankind”, and to realize its vision of “building one of the world’s top clean energy enterprises”. Up to date, CGN’s total assets have more than RMB 284.4 billion; the installed capacity of CGN’s operating nuclear generating units has reached 721 MWe, and 15 other nuclear generating units are currently under construction involving a total installed capacity of 1,775 MWe. In addition, CGN owns an installed capacity of 320 MWe for wind power generators in operation, a total capacity of 29 MWe for solar photovoltaic power, a controlling equity capacity of 1,470 MWe for hydro power, and equity installed capacity of 221MWe. Moreover, CGN has made great strides in distributed energy, nuclear technology application and energy conservation technical services.

CGN is the main force of China's nuclear power development, the vanguard of renewable energy development, and important force in the development of energy conservation and nuclear technology industry. Besides, CGN further add to its capabilities to simultaneously build, operate and manage multiple nuclear and other clean energy projects scattered across different regions.

Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II

Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II go into operation

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