Hengjian Company is a new provincial state-owned investment company. Since its inception, we successfully issued RMB 10 billion medium–term notes and built a successful provincial financing platform that provided fund guarantee for the Pearl River Delta intercity rail construction. Besides, our company’s capital market business including directional add-issuance business and market value business, etc. made outstanding achievements that to establish China’s capital market Hengjian brand. We fully develop strong function of capital operation and actively promote the provincial state-owned asset securitization process. Moreover, our company innovate asset management mode that to effectively manage and revitalize the holdings of sate-owned assets including central enterprises and provincial enterprises, etc. in addition, we fully develop venture capital business, and actively participate in the strategic emerging industries equity investment. 

We will follow the provincial Party Committee and Provincial Governments’ directive that support Hengjian Company to develop into the significant platform combining state-owned economy industries and finance industry, According to the Provincial SASAC’s The Twelfth Five-Year Guideline, our company is positioned as the establishment of financial investment system combining industry and finance and a limited diversified, and thus make effort to build state-owned economy financing platform, state-owned investment development platform, state-owned asset management platform and state-owned capital operation platform. Besides, we raise funds for the major provincial projects through equity centralized management. Also, we improve provincial enterprise asset securitization ratio through capital operation. Furthermore, by ways of investment and investment management, our company boosts independent innovation, transformation and upgrading of provincial enterprises. We work for the development of provincial enterprises and relying on the development of provincial enterprise will make our company become bigger and stronger. 

Calmly with eyes to observe the world, grand blueprint has been drawn, realization path is clear. Along the road, we can expect to face many challenges and pressures, but as long as we respond properly, the challenge is the opportunity; the pressure is the driving force. We need to seize opportunity to promote the development, adhering to Hengjian spirit of “loyalty, unity, forges innovation”, and work together to achieve a new leap forward and create new brilliance.

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