In JAN 2013, the related equity of China General Nuclear Power Group transferred into Hengjian Company.
In FEB 2013, Guangdong Hengjian Yunqiao Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd was established.
In MAY 2013, Guangdong Hengguangyuan Investment Co., Ltd was established.
In JUN 2013, Hengjian International Investment Holdings (HONGKONG) Limited was established.
In JUL 2013, Guangdong Electric Equipment Tendering center has finished its transformation, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hengjian Company.


In MAY 2012, Guangdong Hengxin Fund Management Company was approved the establishment by the Provincial SASAC, which is the first provincial fund management company.
In JUN 2012, Guangdong Hongda Blasting Co. Ltd (SZ.002683) successfully listed in small plates, which is the first IPO equity investment project in Hengjian Company. 
In SEP 2012, Hengjian Company’s market value management business was approved to carry out by the Provincial SASAC.
In SEP 2012, 49% equity of Baosteel Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co, Ltd and 36.3375% equity of Baosteel Group Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co, Ltd held by Guangdong province and then transferred into Hengjian Company.
In SEP 2012, Proton cancer treatment equipment and technology industrialization project was selected for provincial enterprise reform and development special funds projects in 2012 and was listed as the first in strategic emerging industries field.
In NOV 2012, Hengjian Company successfully registered RMB 1 billion non-public directional debt financing instrument, with issued RMB 600 million in the first phase.



In MAY 2011, affiliated companies including Guangdong Hengjian Capital Management Co., Ltd, Guangdong Hengjian Nucleus Medical Industry Co., Ltd and Guangdong Hengjian Venture Capital Co., Ltd were inaugurated.
In NOV 2011, Provincial Government and SASAC agreed that equities of China General Nuclear Power Co., Ltd and Pre-IPO stock company were transferred to Hengjian Company.


In 2010, Hengjian Company successfully invested in directional add-issuance projects of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd and TCL Corporation, and built Hengjian brand in China capital market.
In 2010, Hengjian Company stated proton cancer treatment equipment and technology industrialization.


In MAR 2009, 76% equity of Guangdong Yudean Group Co. Ltd transferred into our company, and the registered capital of Hengjian Company increased to RMB 15.317 billion. 
In MAR 2009, Hengjian Company successfully issued RMB 10 billion medium–term notes that raised funds for the Pearl River Delta intercity rail construction.
In Jul 2009, Hengjian Company invested in China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co, Ltd on behalf of Provincial Government.


In May 2008, Guangdong Hengwang Investment Development was established.


In Aug 2007, Hengjian Company was formally established.

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