Guangdong Hengjian Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Hengjian Investment Holdings Co. Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Hengjian Company”) was established in August 20, 2007, which was approved the establishment by the Guangdong Provincial People’s government (Hereinafter referred to as “Provincial Government”). Hengjian Company is a wholly stated-owned investment holding company and performs the responsibilities of investor by Guangdong provincial people’s government state-owned assets supervision and administration commission (Hereinafter referred to as “Provincial SASAC”). In addition, our company is the extension of the regulatory function of Provincial SASAC and the starting point of the Provincial SASAC’s operation in the market. It is burdened with missions, duties and functions of four platforms in Guangdong Province, which are “state-owned economy financing platform, state-owned investment development platform, state-owned assets management platform and state-owned capital operation platform”.

Depending on the abundant industrial resources in the system of provincial state-owned assets, Hengjian Company keeps exploring and innovating the running mode of state-owned capital. We stick to the business policy that is industry-oriented and has finance as assistant tool to increase and strengthen the industrial capital in the course of the combination of industry and finance. With industrial fund, strategic investment, asset management and financial service as main means, we are committed to the establishment of core competitiveness which integrates three abilities including capital evaluation, capital merge and capital leverage. Also, we assist provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission in promoting the structural adjustment of provincial state-owned assets’ layout, and in cultivating a group of large enterprises or groups which have prominent main business, strong core competitiveness, complete industry chain and which are in the leading position in China and in the industry.

At present, Hengjian Company has a registered capital of RMB 15.317 billion, with a total asset of RMB 164 billion; the owners’ equity is RMB 83.3 billion, with a net profit of RMB 3.6 billion. As a capital-intensive, technology-intensive and talent-intensive enterprise, we own staff of bachelor degree by 88%, and those with a master degree or PhD by 30.69%. We specialize in investment, investment management and asset management and on behalf of the Provincial Government and Provincial SASAC; Hengjian Company  hold the equity of some central enterprises, including China General Nuclear Power Group, Baosteel Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Baosteel Group Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd. Besides, we own 9 wholly-owned enterprises, 4 holding companies, and have an actual control over or hold part of shares of many listed companies, covering electricity, rail transportation, iron and steel, aviation industry, sophisticated medical facilities, land exploitation and tender consultancy and other industries. (The statistics of educational background framework have not yet included the tendering center.)

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