Hengjian Company is Guangdong province state-owned economy financing platform, state-owned investment and development platform, state-owned assets management platform and state-owned capital operation platform. The main businesses of our company are investment and investment management, asset management, specifically including government-directed investment, asset management, capital markets business, equity investment, fund investment and management, industrial investment and so on.

Government-directed Investment

As the investment representative of the Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC, our company undertakes and participate in provincial key projects. Besides, we work for promote provincial state-owned capital strategic readjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and thus concentrated state-owned capital are pooled in fields as critical, basic, strategic and pilot. In 2009, we issued RMB 10 billion Phrase I medium-term notes that raised funds for the Pearl River Delta intercity rail transit project that to accelerate the construction of the Pearl River Delta Intercity Rapid Transit system, develop urban rail transit in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and promote the integration of urban planning. Furthermore, we invested RMB one billion in China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd on behalf of the Provincial Government in Zhuhai, and thus boost the rapid development of China's general aviation industry and to create a world-class general aircraft industrial base.

Asset Management

We shall effectively manage the equity held by the Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC, and boost the state-owned capital to add value in the fluidity. Entrusted by the Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC, our company holds equity of Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd, Baosteel Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd and China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN). In 2009, relevant equity of Yudean Group was transferred into our company; in 2012, that of Shaoguan Iron & Steel and Zhanjiang Iron & Steel was transferred; and that of CGN was transferred in 2013. In addition, our company is going to hold other equity of the Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC in these central or provincial enterprises.

Capital Markets Business

We shall develop the capital evaluation ability and adopt Tobin Q pricing mechanism to manipulate the capital market business from the standpoint of industrial capital. Also, we shall grasp the opportunity to expand the advantageous industry chain formed by provincial state-owned assets system and other investment entities, and participate in the directional issuance and public additional issuance in the capital market of core enterprises with advantageous industry chain, for example, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd, Zhuzhou Times New Materials Technology Co., Ltd, TCL, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai, and Sinolink Securities Co., Ltd, to increase our company’s capital strength. As a comprehensive platform for market value management of the Provincial state-owned assets system, we will begin the market value management of provincial enterprises’ listed companies and listed companies which have involved in the directional issuance, assist the provincial enterprises’ listed companies to reorganize assets, manage and run equity, and enhance the state-owned asset securitization rate, so that the overall value of state-owned assets can be maximized.

Equity Investment

We should use our capital merge ability to realize the super growth of industrial capital by the multiplier effect resulting from the combination of financial capital and industrial capital and to build a business-starting and investment flagship and equity investment platform for provincial enterprises. Besides, we shall consolidate the support and direction for strategic emerging industries and innovative enterprises with state-owned capital, nurture and support leading enterprises in the area of strategic emerging industries which are of the most solid foundation and complete conditions and are able to lead the development of industries in the future, and promote the structural adjustment and upgraded transformation of the strategic layout of the economy in Guangdong Province. Currently, we have already participated in dozens of provincial and private projects, like Red River Madushan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd, Guangdong Hongda Blasting Co., Ltd, Fantawild Holdings Inc, Guangwuqimao Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Jiacheng International Logistics Co., Ltd, Homeland Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd, China Tunnel Construction Co., Ltd Guangdong, to name a few. Among them, Hongda Blasting has successfully listed and Fantawild Holding Inc., Jiacheng International Logistics and Homeland Environmental Co., Ltd are preparing for declaration of listing.

Fund investment and management

We have set up the first development and investment fund in Guangdong Province. As the fund sponsor, we have launched and established Guangdong Hengkun Development and Investment Fund and Guangdong Hengxin Fund Management Co., Ltd with the specialized capital offered by the Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC. Following the principle of “government promotion, enterprises assumption, diversified investment and market operation”, we shall mainly invest distinguished projects of innovative development, high growing and development potential in provincial state-owned economy by attracting and utilizing social investment and financial capital. Besides, we intend to build the above two fund companies into “Guangdong fund, government fund, professional fund and innovative fund” to accelerate the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of regional economy and reap reliable capital revenue. The total amount of fund is RMB 3 billion, which is raised by three phases, with RMB 0.6 billion for the initial phase.

Industrial Investment

We shall develop the capital leverage ability to achieve the full consolidation of talents, financial capital and industrial capital and nurture strategic emerging industries, becoming the strategic best soldier during the transformation of provincial state-owned capital. Moreover, our company strives to advance non-power nuclear industrialization, and plans to erect step by step the equipment manufacture center for proton tumor therapy, the training center for proton tumor therapy technology and the treatment center of proton tumor therapy technology in Guangdong Province.We also actively involved in projects like real estate, 1st class land development and the construction of hydroelectric power station, etc.

Procurement and Tendering

Established in 1997, Guangdong Electrical Equipment tendering center (Hereinafter referred to as "Tendering center") is one of Hengjian Company wholly-owned enterprise, mainly engaging in the tendering proxy of projects, cargoes and services, purchase proxy for government and technical consultancy service.

After more than ten years of development, Tendering center gained a series of qualifications such as the class A qualification of Project bidding agency, the class A qualification of international tendering agency, the class A qualification of technical renovation project equipment tendering agency, the class A qualification of the government procurement agency, the class A qualification of engineering consultation (for major of machinery), the class B qualification of construction cost consultation department and certification of ISO 9001:9001 quality management system. In the meanwhile, Tendering center concurrently engaged in importing or exporting goods and technology and operating business of equipment supervision. It’s one of the organizations with the most relevant qualifications and the highest level of qualification throughout the province. Tendering center currently has established affiliated agencies or service centers in the 11 cities such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Shantou, Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Foshan, Qingyuan, Jiangmen and so on.

Tendering center keeps complying with the law and rules and takes part in the business honestly. It also keeps adhering to the rules that ‘open, fair, impartial and honest’ and is in accordance with the spirits that’ loyalty, unity, forges innovation’. It will make a constant effort to forge into the ‘The fifth platform’ , which is the top domestic platform of engineering consultation and the tender technical services, of the Hengjian Company that includes the financing, investment, asset management, capital operation.

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