Guangdong Henghe Fund Management Co. Ltd


Guangdong Henghe Fund Management Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Henghe Fund Company”) is a professional fund management joint venture company between Hengjian Company and Guangdong China Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Henghe Fund Company gives full play to resources and management advantages of two state-owned shareholders’.

It insists “loyalty, unity, forges, innovation" as the soul of company development, seizes the opportunity that the state greatly develop strategic emerging industries and tourism cultural industry, focuses on investing the tourism culture industry, tourism culture, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, transportation infrastructure and other industries, and thus picks the above good quality projects in industry mergers and acquisitions integration.

Henghe Fund Company owns a professional team made up of talents who are loyal, diligent, and who have the strong ability to expand projects and have rich investment and financing management experience. Besides, it had built the investment decision-making mechanism, the risk control mechanism and the incentive constraints mechanism. In the future, Henghe Fund Company seeks to develop by sincere service and innovative spirit, and maximize the use of industry resources and financial capital. Additionally, it insists value-oriented investment as a guide, and makes stable and rich performance to give back to the fund investors, and thus Help China and Guangdong's economic transformation and upgrading and achieve sustainable development.

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