Guangdong Hejian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd.

Guangdong Hejian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Insurance Company) was founded in 2010 which is a professional insurance broker joint venture company between Hengjian Company and The Great Wall Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. Besides, it aims to strengthen provincial enterprises comprehensive risk management according to the spirit of the Provincial SASAC. Insurance Company has a team consisting of all the various professionals who are skilled in enterprise risk management and risk transfer tools. And it is committed to provide the professional risk-management and insurance brokerage services for customers including drafting for policy-holder insurance plan, choosing the insurer and the insurance formalities. Apart from thisit also assist the insured or the beneficiary to claim for compensationoffer reinsurance brokerage businessprovides clients with disaster prevention or damage prevention or risk assessment, risk management consulting services and so on.

At present, relying on the provincial SASAC and serving the provincial enterprises, Insurance Company has gained the rapid development. By providing nearly one hundred enterprises and institutions with professional risk-management and insurance brokerage services, it had gradually developed into an important platform to standardize provincial enterprise risk-management and assist provincial enterprises to improve the ability to resist risks. In the future, it will make full use of the advantages of shareholders in such aspects like resources, talents, technology and brand, making efforts to strengthen national insurance brokerage industry, contributing to economic and social development, and thus growing into a excellent professional insurance brokers corporation with core competitiveness.

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