Hengjian International Investment Holding (Hongkong) Limited

Hengjian International Investment Holding (Hong Kong) Limited (Hereinafter referred to as “Hengjian International Company”) was founded in June 2013, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hengjian Company and was established in Hong Kong. This means that Hengjian Company’s first overseas investment and financing platform and capital operation platform were built successfully.

It is the strategic move which made by Hengjian Company based on conscientiously implement the provincial party committee and the provincial government sets up a strong financial  province and the " going out " policy to establish Hengjian International Company. This is not only beneficial to Hengjian Company to acquire the operation rules of overseas market and international custom. It is also benificial to make full use of abundant capital of overseas capital markets and promote Hengjian Company`s operation space and operational efficiency of "four platforms" to maximize the efficiency of state-owned property and quality optimization and accomplish quality optimization, but also beneficial to provide better financial service to state-owned business` investment and financing in Hong Kong and in overseas through Hong Kong.


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