Guangdong Hengwang Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Hengwang Investment Development Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Hengwang Company”) was established in May 2008, mainly engaging in real estate investment and development, infrastructure construction, private equity, etc. At present, it has developed into real estate specialty companies which own three wholly owned subsidiaries and over RMB one billion of total assets.

The construction project of Zhaoqing high-tech zone people's livelihood housing--the overseas Chinese new town project by the Hengwang Company covers an area of about 120 mus, building area of 130000 square meters. It costs a total investment of 220 million yuan and has been put into use in October 2010.The quality and safety management of this project has earned praises of the province, city and district governments, it was evaluated by the national federation as the model of national overseas project. Junshan residence project that was independent investment constructed by Hengwang Company covers about 80 mus of land and has total construction area of 85000 square meters. The total investment in it is about RMB 300 million. This project`s planning and design concepts are advanced and its layout is scientific and reasonable. Its units are rich and varied and supporting facilities are perfect and was outfitted professional Property Services Company. This project aimed to provide top business leaders and middle managers with the first high-end commercial residential area in Zhaoqing high-tech zone and pioneered high-end real estate in Zhaoqing high-tech zone. Junshan new town project, that is building now, covers about 160 mus of land. The total investment is estimated RMB 900 million. Project plan is to set a city that can provide business, entertainment, dining, business and residential service and it will become iconic living, leisure and the shopping center in Zhaoqing high-tech zone.

In the future, Hengwang Company will devote itself to business developments of industrial investment and operation management and it will become industrial investment platform of Hengjian Company.

Hengwang Company`s development goal is mainly engaged in real estate investment and development, infrastructure construction and equity investment, to make industrial operation, commercial business and industrial fund investment as main business model. It wants to become the main business model and a modern enterprise group which has strong assets, remarkable benefit, normative management and strong core competence in 3-5 year-time.

Picture: Zhaoqing high-tech zone high-end business residence area——Junshan Mansion

Picture: Hengjian Company’s leaders came to inspect Junshan Mansion project.

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