Guangdong Hengjian Nucleus Medical Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Hengjian Nucleus Medical Industry Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Nucleus Company”) was established in January, 2010 by Hengjian Company as the share-holding party and Hong Kong Gaoling International Company. Nucleus Company actively promotes the application of the civil non-power nuclear technology in medical area and engages in the industrialized development of proton tumor therapy technology. Foshan Shunde Hengjian Qiangzi Medical Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nucleus Company, responsible for the organization and implementation of the industrialized projects of proton tumor therapy technology.

Proton tumor therapy is the radiotherapy technology which achieves the best treatment effect, and the proton equipment embodies the comprehensive strength of the sophisticated medical equipment in China and the overall level of medical engineering. The proton project of Hengjian Company is mainly about the research, development, manufacture and clinical verification of the first equipment, to facilitate the industrialization and nationalization of proton medical equipment.

With the strategic objective of “juxtapose with the international technology, lead the domestic technology, pioneer the technology in Guangdong”, the Nucleus Company adopts the industrial development pattern of “led by enterprise, supported by government, operated by market” and the technical research and innovation pattern of “independent research and development, technical cooperation, synergetic innovation, integrated innovation”, to realize the development integrating the government, industry, university, research institute and utility. Nucleus Company also consolidates the international technological resources to form a top-notch team consisting of talents of international level; combines foreign and domestic research institutes, higher education institutes, manufacturer and medical organizations to establish an innovative union involving industry, university and research; follows the market needs, develops proton equipment of high cost performance which suits the national conditions of China and promotes the proton medical technology, so that the rehabilitation level of tumor therapy can be improved and the development of modern medical service can be boosted.

Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government paid high attention to this project, and listed it as one of the major construction projects in Guangdong and one of the Top 500 projects in modern industry, thus the project won a lot of support. Moreover, this project was treated as a major pilot program of the agglomeration development of strategic emerging industries, and was reported to the National Development and Reform Commission to seek for policy support.

Picture: International Technological Exchange for Guangdong Hengjian Nucleus Medical Industry Co., Ltd

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