Guangdong Hengjian Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Hengjian Capital Management Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Capital Company”) is to rapidly increase Hengjian Company capital strength, fully develop the function as the provincial platform for investment development and capital operation, and effectively guarantee the safe operation and rapid growth of Hengjian Company as the state-owned economy financing platform, state-owned investment development platform, state-owned assets management platform and state-owned capital operation platform. Established in August, 2010, Capital Company is one of Hengjian Company wholly-owned subsidiary, with registered capital of RMB 0.2 billion, mainly engaging in capital market businesses including equity investment and management, capital operation management, industry investment and management, merges and acquisitions and debt restructuring planning advices, etc.,

Capital Company is committed to making strategic investment from the standpoint of industrial capital, acutely catching excellent opportunity to invest in the market and firmly supporting the development of the strategic emerging industries in Guangdong province. Also, Capital Company has made outstanding achievements in the aspects like promoting the industrial adjustment and the reform of strategic layout of provincial state-owned economy, and maintaining the control and influence of provincial state-owned capital over listed companies. At present, Capital Company has successfully participated in the projects of directional issuance and public additional issuance like Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, Guizhou Jiulian Industrial Explosive Materials Development Co., Ltd, TCL, Pci-Suntek Co., Ltd, Sinolink Securities Co., Ltd and so on. Besides, Capital Company widely undertakes business like market value management and actively advances in the segmented markets like mergers and acquisitions and trusted wealth management, etc., winning a good investment return.

All the time Capital Company maintains the deep communication with all excellent investment organs and securities and fund companies, successfully establishing a complete channel operating in the capital market.

Additionally, Capital Company owns a professional team made up of talents who are diligent, loyal and vital and who have rich experience and pursue excellence and perfection. Also, Capital Company keeps learning from its distinguished counterparts at home and abroad, fully employs and develops the company’s power in execution and competition, striving hard to be the strategic best soldier in the capital market of Guangdong provincial state-owned system.

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