Social Responsibility

In 2008, our company donated RMB 200 thousand for Wenchuan Earthquake; the employee donated RMB 25.2815 thousand and the Communists contributed RMB 26.4 thousand as the special dues.

In 2009, our company donated RMB 23.62 thousand for supporting the Yushu Earthquake. 

In 2010, our company donated RMB one million for the project of Poverty Reduction ‘shuangdao’ village, and the employee contributed RMB 21.68 thousand.

In 2011, our company donated RMB three million for ‘Liangbujubei Village’ in Guangdong Province, donated RMB 807 thousand for the project of ‘shuangdao’ village, and the employee contributed RMB 23.68 thousand.

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