Since its establishment, Hengjian Company depth studied and implemented the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party, learned and practiced the scientific concept of development, built a comprehensive learning party, and thus further established the concept of lifelong learning. Besides, it created a positive atmosphere of eager to learn, good at learn and willing to learn across the company, made efforts to build the enterprise cultural system which meets the demand of market economic development, correspond with the company’s strategic development requirement and reflect the characteristic of Hengjian Company.

——Enterprise philosophy: Hengjian Company insists the purpose of people foremost and scientific concept of development, takes a historic mission to become service center of executing the provincial state-owned enterprises’ property diversification reformation and business transformation, and the provincial state-owned capital operation four platforms, sets up the enterprise spirit of hard-working, solidarity and probityestablishes the core philosophy of loyaltyunityforges and innovation, further strengthens the inner quality and outer image to enhance company’s cohesive force and competitiveness, realizes the aim of harmony and unity between enterprise culture and enterprise development, enterprise development and employees development, enterprise culture strength and competitive advantages.

——Enterprise talent philosophy: Hengjian Company advocates the team concept of loyalty and dedication, concentric and mutual encouragement, professional and enterprising, harmonious and common prosperity, adhering to the strategy of people-oriented, harmonious intermediation, scientific development and  talent thriving enterprise, insists on the standards of having both ability and integrity and taking morality for the first to hire and choose employees, establishes the correct concept of personnel evaluation which points the suitable person works on the suitable position, take moral character, ability, diligence and performance as the main measure of talents, to search ,to train and develop employees in the practice, to create a positive and enterprising atmosphere for  talents

——Enterprise system: Around company’s intensive management as a guide, sound management mechanism, revise to the rules and regulations, regulate the behavior of employees, create the behavior of the culture which regarding performance, executing and teams as the content.

——Enterprise visual identification system: Around the promoting use of visual identification system, through rigorous, standardized and systematic visual symbol language disseminate to the public, to establish a corporate image of unified, unique and distinctive, create the image of the company culture.

Hengjian Company builds its characteristic enterprise culture with a strong cultural link and emotional bond based on the common vision and shared values between company and employees, with career inspiring people, with concept leading and with standard constraining people, with environment cultivating people and with love caring for people. Overall, Hengjian Company characteristic enterprise culture provides strong cultural support for its faster and better development.


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